Help & Learning

Free sound effects and music: 

(please note: you also need to check the sites regulations and license rules - they differ from site to site) 

Music: (not always free) (not free) 


Also check the editing software you're using options! 

Editing software: 


wevideo: (some participating universities have pro licenses like PHOÖ and Aberdeen - contact coordinators if you want to use them) 

Youtube Editor (very limited options): 

iOS and Android: (also multitrack video editing) (only single track video editing) 

Computers all operation systems (free):

Mac OS X: 

OS X and Windows: 


Windows Movie maker 

Learning video:

Link to Video MOOK: 

Link to Tutorial about camerawork (a little bit old, but still useful): (The password is: phtvcamera) 

More coming ….!