Rules & Criteria  

Rules: ​


Videos must 

  • • not be longer than 4 min 
  • • follow the criteria - see below 
  • • contain the 3 keywords published on this site on November 21st, 09:00 GMT, 10:00 Central European Time, 11:00 Eastern European Time
  • • be copyright free for common use and respect data- and privacy protection regulations 
  • • must be understandable for an international audience (English or English subtitles or other creative forms) 
  • • have to have understandable file names and description (including identifiable group name and production country)
  • • have to be set public on Youtube with Creative Commons Licensing that jury and participants can view them and shortlisted videos can be shown at public events 
  • • have to be uploaded to Youtube by Sunday, November 25th, midnight Central European Time and published under a Creative Commons License 
  • • have to be submitted in the local submission process for selection to the international competition  


Criteria: ​


Please keep in mind that the educational value of the video is the most important factor for winning! There will 10 points for the educational value and 5 points each for technical and artistical factors!​ 


  • • Educational value 1-10 points (click for details)
  • • Technical merits 1-5 points (click for details)
  • • Artistic quality 1-5 points (click for details)